How do current reward programs work?
How much time is required?
What is the return on investment (ROI)?
Do I purchase or lease the towers?
What is the competition?
How much money will I make?
What experience or training do I need to be successful?
How do I find locations?
Am I limited as to where I can place my Treasure Tower?
Who makes a good Treasure Tower Business Owner?
Where do I buy my toys?
Will I need employees?
How do I get started?


Most locations offering a reward program use a cardboard box or drawer filled with a variety of loose toys and prizes. In many cases, these prizes have been picked over, played with and sneezed upon and many locations are unhappy with what it takes to manage their current system. (i.e. ordering toys, supervising children, children taking multiple toys, sanitary issues). With Treasure Tower, all of these problems are eliminated.

In recent years, there are some companies who are selling toy vending machines directly to locations for them to manage themselves.  The downsides to this option are many.  There is the large initial investment to purchase equipment with ongoing costs and time to order and maintain a toy inventory.  Toys are usually mixed in one large globe, so children are unaware of the toy they are going to get.  Since these machines have only one dispenser, major problems occur when they break down and leave the staff at a loss as to what parts are needed or how to make repairs.  Until it can be repaired, they have to resort to removing the lid so children can fish through the bowl for their prize.  Again, a Treasure Tower solves all of these problems.


One of the main benefits of the Treasure Tower business is the ability to work the business around your schedule. It takes 15-20 minutes to service a Treasure Tower. The frequency of visits varies depending on the volume of usage at each location and the number of Treasure Towers installed. A pediatric office treating children all day long will go through toys faster than a general dentist office only treating a small number of children a day. Generally speaking, a route of 15 Treasure Towers might require approximately 7-14 hours per month to maintain.


It’s difficult to determine how quickly your investment will be paid off since much depends on variables only you can control (i.e. when and where you place your Treasure Towers, which toys you choose to offer in your Treasure Towers, your level of customer service as well as how hard you work). The initial investment also varies depending on the package of Treasure Towers you decide to purchase. Once you fill in the “Request Info” page, a company representative will contact you to discuss in more detail the start up costs and methods for determining how quickly your investment might be paid off based on different scenarios.


Treasure Towers can only be purchased by a Treasure Tower business owner who is licensed to use the Treasure Tower registered trademark and business model. There are no lease options available. The Treasure Towers are owned by the business owner with no monthly fees or royalties to pay.


We are the only company who does what we do. As mentioned above, most locations let children choose a toy from an open box or drawer.  These locations have all the time, worry and cost of ordering toys, keeping them sanitized and supervising children as they choose their prize.

Some locations have attempted to purchase a toy vending machine and manage it themselves. In these cases, the location not only has to buy the machine and inventory toys, but when the machine breaks, they have the worry of maintenance and repairs. Additionally, since all toys are usually mixed in a single globe, children are seldom happy with the toy they get.

Needless to say, competition is practically non-existent!  What makes Treasure Tower unique is that it is a high capacity machine that offers 8-12 prize options in one square foot of space.  It is serviced, stocked and maintained by a local Treasure Tower business owner.  The location only needs to think about awarding the tokens – we take care of all the rest!


As a Treasure Tower business owner, you will invoice each location at the time of service for future usage between the current date and the next service date.  Some locations will pay you immediately and others will pay you shortly thereafter.

To qualify for the placement of a Treasure Tower, each location pays a minimum of $60 a month for an allotment of up to 200 tokens to use each month.  It is recommended that locations using less than 200 tokens a month be given 800 tokens to start and be invoiced $240 for the 4-month period leading up to the next service date.  At each 4-month service period, the tokens used by the location are replenished and they are invoiced $240 for the next 4-month period.  If more than 200 tokens are needed monthly, the location’s token supply is replenished to 800 tokens at each service visit and invoiced 30 cents per token received.  These higher volume accounts will be serviced as often as needed to insure they do not run out of tokens or toys.

As a location’s volume of usage increases, your revenue will increase accordingly. For example, a location rewarding 200 tokens a month would generate a minimum of $60 monthly in token usage, whereas a location rewarding 3,000 tokens a month would generate a minimum of $900 monthly in token usage.

Your profit margin will depend on a number of variables that only you can control, similar to what was mentioned above in regards to calculating your ROI.  These include, but are not limited to:  where you locate your Treasure Towers and their volume of usage, the cost of the toys you choose to offer your clients, the distance you need to travel between locations and how frequently they need to be serviced, the quality of customer service provided, etc.

Due to the many variables involved, we do not make any representations about specific levels of potential sales, income, gross and net profits, or any other representations that suggest a specific level of income.  Please refer to your FTC Disclosure Statement for a list of current Treasure Tower business owners who can share their individual business experience and income.


Our proven business model is being followed by Treasure Tower business owners all across the country who are servicing more than 4,000 Treasure Towers nationwide. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, we suggest you simply follow our owner’s manual along with the materials, tools and coaching we provide to help you be successful. It is extremely helpful to have good people skills with a commitment to providing excellent service. It will also be an asset to have a positive attitude, a strong work ethic and a nice appearance.


We will provide you with information on locating, suggested scripts, letters of recommendation, as well as promotional literature to assist you with locating and running your business. Due to the fact we exhibit at several national conventions for the dental, medical and education industries, we are constantly receiving leads from locations wanting Treasure Towers all over the country.

We also encourage our business owners to exhibit at their own local industry shows when attendees are in shopping mode and looking for ideas and new products to better their location.  The most common method of locating is to distribute information packets to potential locations and offer a free trial.  While there are professional locating companies available, we encourage our business owners to find their own locations.  No one has your best interest at heart or can better represent you than yourself.  When talking with a Treasure Tower representative, be sure to ask if there are leads available for your area.


Since we have our own unique niche in the marketplace, not only are locations plentiful, but our business owners continue to discover new location possibilities all the time.  It’s important to understand that Treasure Tower is NOT vending. We are not in the business of selling a product to the public through a machine.  With that said, the one major requirement for a location to qualify for a Treasure Tower is that they agree to use it in connection with a reward/incentive program where tokens are earned for something achieved.  Some of these locations currently include, but are not limited to, dental/medical offices, elementary schools, photography studios, hair salons, libraries, hotels, banks, dance studios, restaurants, and the list goes on and on.

Because of the endless location possibilities, our goal is to have a minimum of two Treasure Tower business owners in every area so as to provide back-up support should it ever be needed.  Additional owners will be established in areas with a larger population, but we will never put more owners in an area than what is needed.  When there are multiple business owners in an area, the owners are not competitors but instead work as a team, negotiating the areas they will cover and combining efforts and sharing in the cost to market, promote and grow their businesses.


No matter your age, marital status or gender, this can be a great business for you!! Our current successful Treasure Tower business owners take their business seriously, work hard, give excellent service, and are dependable, “people friendly” and self-motivated.
To the parent:
Kids can be a big help with this business and they can even be paid. It’s a great family business with lots of great tax advantages. You’ll always be working in safe, clean surroundings and there is no need for any heavy lifting.
To the breadwinner:
The Treasure Tower Reward Program is a great way to supplement a full or part-time income, avoiding the need to work a second job. More time can be spent doing the things you enjoy. Once the Treasure Towers are placed, the time commitment is minimal and flexible.
To those “55 and Better”:
The program is an ideal way to supplement a retirement income without having to give up the freedom and flexibility you’ve worked so long to earn. With a Treasure Tower business, you won’t be tied down to punching a time clock to earn an extra income.


We provide you with a list of toy suppliers along with our preferred toys and products from each supplier. We have negotiated with the majority of these suppliers to grant their lowest pricing available to our business owners (and in some cases free shipping).  Our business owners who choose to be part of our Preferred Licensee Program (PLP) will receive from our preferred toy suppliers our lowest toy pricing.  Ultimately, you decide which toys you want to purchase and which suppliers you want to buy from.


It is not necessary for a Treasure Tower business owner to hire employees since in most cases all duties can be performed by one person. Each business owner needs to determine how involved they want to be in their business as well as how large they want it to grow.  In most cases, once a business owner has roughly 100 Treasure Towers, they may prefer hiring employees to help service their route, count tokens and/or manage their toy inventory so they have more time to grow their business and do the things they prefer to do.


It’s easy! Go to the link titled “Request Info” and fill out the form.  A company representative will call and provide you with a username and password to access additional information on our web site.  They will also be happy to answer your questions, discuss various pricing options, and help determine which package best fits your budget and desired income.  Once you decide to become a Treasure Tower business owner and your paperwork is completed and your payment has cleared, you will be sent a start-up kit and have full access to our Business Owner’s site with on-going live support and training.  Your Treasure Towers and tokens will arrive within 2-3 weeks of your order date.