opportunity_conceptTreasure Tower’s FULL-SERVICE Rewards Program is not only fun, easy and affordable but our unique service model, Treasure Tower machines and tokens have made us the preferred method for rewarding kids worldwide!

Since its creation in 2001, the Treasure Tower has proven to be one of the best ways to motivate and reward children in predominately medical, dental, and education related facilities. It replaces the old, unsanitary toy box by offering eight different toy selections in an organized, sanitary and fun manner. As children earn their tokens, they love shopping for the prize they want at the Treasure Tower.  It’s an effective motivator for children and encourages them to be helpful and cooperative in difficult or challenging situations.

A Treasure Tower business is ideal for stay-at-home moms, families, retirees, or anyone wanting to supplement their income with endless growth potential.  Treasure Tower business owners enjoy the benefits of being their own boss, working a flexible schedule and having a residual income that enables them to be more self reliant and have a more stable financial future.

As a business owner, you will place your Treasure Towers in locations needing a reward program such as: dental/medical offices, elementary schools, photography studios, hair salons, restaurants, banks, etc. You will then service these Treasure Towers regularly. It’s really that simple! We provide you with the tools to help you be successful. We have already established brand awareness, uniformity, and a proven business program. The only thing missing is you!  Get more information today and learn how you can be a Treasure Tower business owner in your area!