The idea for Treasure Tower originated in 2000 when the President/CEO, Kathy Ruggiero, took her sons to the dentist and observed them choosing their prize from a “treasure box” of mostly broken and dirty toys. The thought came to Kathy of how much better it would be to dispense the toys from a machine. For 2-1/2 years Kathy worked to turn that thought into reality. By 2002, the equipment, business model and support materials were ready so as to offer the Treasure Tower business opportunity on a national level.

There are now almost 90 business owners in 42 states serving nearly 2500 accounts. Locations have expanded from dental offices to include medical offices and hospitals, dance and martial arts studios, schools, banks, hair salons, restaurants and more.

In 2008, Pacific NW Rewards Inc. started Treasure Tower Canada and hopefully someday Treasure Towers will be rewarding children all over the world.

The goal of Treasure Tower is to help business owners establish a Treasure Tower business of their own so they will enjoy growing success, greater financial freedom, and more time to be with their families while making a difference in the lives of thousands of children every day.